Worth a Listen: Veggie Tales “Light of Christmas”

There was much singing and jumping around at our house when someone discovered this video and we all watched it avidly, so excited for this new Veggie Tales project.  And come on–Owl City, TobyMac, and Si from Duck Dynasty?  I think my head is about to explode.

It is not even close to Advent yet, and already I have abandoned plans to focus solely on the Advent season and just watch this lyric video every day between now and Christmas.

Kidding of course!  I mean sort of.  We definitely observe Advent at our house, and don’t decorate hugely until later in Advent.  At the same time,  we also watch “Elf” and many, many other goofy and wonderful Christmas movies/shows in the weeks before (and after) Christmas.

We are also big on celebrating all the great December feasts, from St. Nicholas to St. Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy and others.   Advent is a time of preparation, but that time of preparation involves a lot of celebrating, and, yes, goofy Christmas movies.

Back to the newest Veggie Tales.  As one child put it at our house, “I know one of the things St. Nicholas is bringing!”    (St. Nicholas also traditionally brings chocolate and pajamas).  And that child is right.

Are you excited for the new Veggie Tales?  Do you have any special Advent traditions?