Worth a Listen: TobyMac’s "Speak Life"

(Sharing great songs that are inspiring, uplifting and/or are otherwise “worth a listen”).

I started this Wednesday feature, “Worth a Listen,” last year, and I’ve enjoyed getting to share some of my favorites.

Here’s where I explain myself and why I’m “unashamed” about my love for “Christian music.”  I refer there to various Catholics who dislike Christian music, and how this made me feel at times “sheepish” to love Christian music, like I’m not one of the “cool kids,” but I’m over that now.

Marc Barnes of “Bad Catholic” is just the latest of these with his “Five Reasons to Kill Christian Music.”  Normally Marc is amazing to read, but to me this argument reads like, “Why I personally like Mumford & Sons better than Chris Tomlin.”  To which I respond:  de gustibus.

I asked my teenage daughter to help me come up with some videos to share here for “Worth a Listen.”

Fortunately, we both like the same kind of music (update: I have been told in no uncertain terms that we do NOT like the same kinds of music.  I told said teenager, “we don’t like ALL the same kinds of music, exactly as it should be.” )

I love this song so much, and while I normally don’t like lyric videos, this one is beyond great.  It’s also the official lyric video from Toby Mac, so that helps.

Probably my favorite lines from this song:

Lift your head a little higher
Spread the love like fire 
Hope will fall like rain
When you speak life 
With the words you say

Raise your thoughts a little higher

Use your words to inspire
Joy will fall like rain
When you speak life with the things you say

I just want to put all the lyrics here.  Listen to the whole song, and smile.  Then consider the ways you can “speak life” today.

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  1. One of the many things I can thank my mom for instilling in me. A love of Christian “rock”. I know she’s singing her favorites in heaven! I see no shame 🙂 and we LOVE Toby Mac here too!

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