Worth a Listen: John Paul II AutoTuned

Sharing great songs that are inspiring, uplifting and/or are otherwise “worth a listen”).   Read here for a short explanation of this feature.

Many local readers will know about the relic of Blessed John Paul II that was in the Peoria diocese the last few days.  Here is an article here about Monday night’s Mass and veneration of the relic.  The article is well worth reading:

“Bishop Jenky used the historic occasion — the Diocese of Peoria was one of only three dioceses to host the relic during its U.S. pilgrimage — to remind Catholics that ‘like John Paul, we too are all called to be saints.'”

This event made me recall this favorite video that came out last year of Blessed John Paul II AutoTuned to sing “Dynamite.”  It’s really fun to watch.

I have so many favorite parts of this video, but the crowd singing, “We love you” and JPII singing back, “Perhaps I love you more” is just about perfect. The video creator has made several other Catholic-themed AutoTunes that are also great, but this one is my favorite.

Were you at the Mass Monday night? Are you excited for the canonization of JPII and John XXIII in April on Divine Mercy Sunday?