Worth a Listen: “If You Were” Proposal

This is not just worth a listen, but worth a look. So beautiful!

I normally shy away from longer videos, but this is well worth the time.

Power blogger Brandon Vogt shared it on Facebook last week, on a day when I was recovering from being up nearly all night with a sick child, and not good for much else than relaxing in the morning while coffee took effect.   I’m glad I did, because I might not otherwise have decided to hit “play” on a 15-minute video.

A few things stand out:

* such tenderness from both Rob and Kimberly to each other and others.

*they are openly Catholic in a very natural way, not overt at all.

*this vide is extremely well-produced, not surprising since Rob is a videographer.

*I nosed around on their wedding website and blog, and it’s so endearing.

This couple  & their friends (a huge wedding party of hipster friends & relations, including “local” blogger Sister Helena Burns)  are clearly too cool for this middle-aged mama, but I’m definitely praying for their wedding and marriage.  It just renews my faith in the next generation(s) of Catholics and marriage in general.  Well done!