Worth a Listen: A Song for All Souls, “No More Goodbyes”

My editor Tom Dermody spearheaded an effort to produce this video to remember loved ones of local Catholics in the last year.   He writes about the process and why he did it in this editorial:

“We invite you to view the video, which is a Year of Faith project of this newspaper. As you watch, pray for those pictured, their families, and all the others they represent. Pray for your own departed loved ones. And then, if you find the song and video to be a comfort and a statement of faith, share it on your social media sites as All Souls’ Day evangelization.”

I found the video really moving and worth sharing, even though I didn’t know any of the people pictured.  November is such a great time, especially on the feast of All Souls–November 2–to remember our beloved deceased.    How do you commemorate them this month?  Any special observances in your family?