The Best Thing About the Behold Conference, Part 2

Since the blogger help table was in the back of the room, I got the chance to be in the “baby zone.”  There was a mom’s room with a screen streaming the conference events, but that room was packed, and some little ones just needed some time to bounce.  It was fun!
Here’s a photo of all the bloggers.  What a great group of ladies.
Because the back of the room was the baby zone, there was much talk of “baby-stealing.”  Here, blogger Danielle Bean caught in the act with one of the Mosher twins.
 Blogger Hallie Lord meeting two other social media users, who came to Behold specifically because they read about it on her blog.  Next year I want to do a better job of connecting all the people who use social media together during the conference.  Perhaps a sign like, “Tweet Zone”?  Or not.