St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Happy Feast day of  St. Thomas Aquinas!

It’s also the feast day of our home-school, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.

Many years ago, when I was a newbie home educator, and my children were all pre-school or younger, I was encouraged, I think at a conference, to name our family’s homeschool.  I chose St. Thomas Aquinas since my husband has a great devotion to him, and I know he’s the patron saint of education, schools, and universities.  It’s stuck over the years, and my kids who are still home educated like telling people the name of their school, even all these years later.

We usually try to celebrate this day with a lunch out and fun things (it’s our own Catholic Schools Week celebration), but this year I have a sick child.  So we will transfer the feast to another day and be sure to celebrate.

Meanwhile, here are an assortment of books from my bookshelves about St. Thomas Aquinas, for those interested in learning and reading more about this great saint .  I may begin to re-read The Quiet Light this afternoon.

I was mildly surprised I didn’t have a picture book about him.  I don’t think one exists.

The Quiet Light: A Novel About Saint Thomas Aquinas
is one of many historical fiction novels written by Louis deWohl about an assortment of saints. His novels are highly readable and often page-turning novels. deWohl knows how to tell a story.

First Glance At Thomas Aquinas (A Handbook for Peeping Thomists)
I’m not sure I’ve ever read this book cover to cover, even though I love Ralph McInerny and consider him one of my heroes.

Saint Thomas Aquinas by Raissa Maritain, is a children’s biography of St. Thomas Aquinas, written by the wife of Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain.  She was a poet herself.  This was interesting and good to read, but did not work as a read-aloud at our house.  Perhaps it’s the translation?

One-Minute Aquinas: The Doctor’s Quick Answers to Fundamental Questions by Kevin Vost is a good introduction to Aquinas’s theological thought.  Here’s my review.

Finally, not a book specifically about St. Thomas, but about Dominican spirituality.

How To Pray the Dominican Way: Ten Postures, Prayers, and Practices that Lead Us to God by Angelo Stagnaro.  When I looked at my review of this book from several years back, I was struck by this quote from the book:

“”Without prayer, there is no chance for success in this world.”

That quote wasn’t written by St. Thomas Aquinas, but it easily could have been.

Do you have any books or articles to share about St. Thomas Aquinas?