Meet a Reader: Angela Barth {@TheCatholicPost}

Following is the “Meet a Reader” that appears in this month’s print edition of The Catholic Post.

How you know me:

I am wife to Jason, mother to Hannah, Madison, Nolan, and Micah, and am a member of St. Mark Parish in Peoria. I also teach special education at Limestone-Walters and occasionally help out doing wine tastings at the family business Pottstown Meat and Deli.

Why I love reading:

I love reading because it lets me live 100 different lives when I only have one! I can travel the world, experience different careers, and live in a different time period, while I am at home living my ordinary life.

What I’m reading now:

I usually read multiple books at a time, but the one that is most interesting to me right now is The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming of Age Crisis by Ben Sasse. While not all about Catholicism, it is written by a religious U.S. Senator who decries our young adults lack of responsibility and maturity in society. It’s most interesting in stating the problem started long ago, when public education took over every aspect of learning, including morality. Gradually parents have lost control over transmitting faith in public arenas, and government has injected the curriculum with the vogue relativism prevalent today. This reduction of moral absolutes has led young adults to a life without purpose or absolutes that is filled with technology and consumerism.

My favorite book:

I can only short-list: I can’t pick one! The top two and for similar reasons are Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Both Scarlett O’Hara and Madame Bovary waste their lives chasing their ideas of what brings happiness. In pursuit of their obsessions, they resent and lose the people who truly do love them. And my close third choice is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. It is a moving metaphor for the love God has for us in His Mercy and what happens to our souls when we reject it.