Local, Catholic, and Online

Read below the website links for the description of what local, Catholic and online means (these are listed in alphabetical order).

A Knotted Life

Archbishop Sheen Foundation

Behold Conference

Bishop Jenky’s blog

Catholic Diocese of Peoria

Franciscan Footprints

Hell Burns

Help Them to Heaven

Housewife Extraordinaire

I Wonder Why

Jonathan Sullivan

Living for God

Look to Him and be Radiant

Marc Cardaronella

Perpetual Adoration

Raising Young Ones

Rose of Sharon Media

Servant and Steward

Stumbling on the Way to Emmaus

Ten Kids of One Mom

The Catholic Post

The Practicing Catholic

I’ve had a few discussions with my editor at The Catholic Post about ways to make Reading Catholic a more “local-friendly” source of information.

I’m a local blogger in the sense that I write for a diocesan Catholic newspaper, The Catholic Post, and blog about local events.  But at the same time, I’m writing about books, interviewing authors and otherwise connecting with people who live around the world.   So balancing the two can be interesting, to say the least.

A links list like this seems a great way to connect the two.  You’ll notice “Local, Catholic and Online” lists  everything from the Catholic Diocese of Peoria to various bloggers and other local-interest sites.  I’m listing them (for now) in alphabetical order, but that could change as the list grows.

The term “local” is used loosely–not just people from our diocese, but those nearby. I considered Sister Helena Burns and her blog “Hell Burns” in this “local” category, since she is such a friend of the Peoria diocese, speaks here often, and is just a short drive away in Chicago.  I also couldn’t resist adding Lisa Schmidt, who blogs with her husband Joel at The Practicing Catholic, since they are just a hop, skip and a jump away in Iowa, and Lisa’s been to the diocese several times.

I’m on the look-out for anyone who is active online with a blog, Twitter presence or other online resource, and who would like to be listed here. A few bloggers have declined my request to be added here for privacy reasons.  I completely respect that.

Can you consider sharing your favorites? And if you would like to be added onto the list, or have an idea for someone to add (even if not “strictly” local), then please comment on this page.  I’ll update this page as much as needed.

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  1. What is your opinion of the Lois Lowery “Quartet” series that starts with “The Giver”?
    From a Catholic perspective.

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