Giveaway: The Catholic Bride’s Wedding Planner

And the year of great giveaways continues …..

Today’s giveaway is A Catholic Bride’s Wedding Planner  by Tracy Becker.   File this away in the category, “I wish I had this when I got married.”
A Catholic Bride’s Wedding Planner includes information about the sacrament of marriage, prayers, appointment stickers, a fill-in calendar, receipt holder.  
My favorite feature is the laminated bookmark with a planning guide, with tasks like “request baptismal certificates.”  It would be handy to keep right in the planner’s calendar section.
The only drawback for me was a lack of introduction.  The planner starts right off nicely with a quote from Scripture (1Cor 13:4-8), but then jumps right in with some challenging (meaning, a challenge to read) quotes from Casti Connubii, a Piux XI encyclical.    I wish there would have been a little introduction, perhaps a summary of the church documents.  Otherwise, there are lots of great ideas here!
A Catholic Bride’s Wedding Planner is also featured on the Catholic site, “For Your Marriage,” and its helpful page on wedding planning resources. This page is a great source of other websites and books listed–do check it out if you are getting married in the near future.
If you know a bride-to-be, enter the giveaway to offer this great resource, or encourage her to enter here.  You can enter by leaving a comment here until the deadline.
Rules for this giveaway are the same as always; once I pick a winner, I will announce it in the comments and contact the winner if I can.  If I don’t hear from the winner in two days, I will draw another winner.
Deadline for this giveaway is (when else?), St. Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14, at midnight.

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  1. I am very excited to know a book like this exists.. not only wedding planning but Catholic wedding planning!
    I would love to have it as a resource for our July wedding.

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