February: Pursue Happiness

Tonight is the night I’m giving the talk to the First Saturday group at St. Philomena.  This was rescheduled from January because last month was cancelled due to snow.   We currently have snow coming down (and earlier today, a Winter Weather Advisory), but we are Midwesterners, not Atlantans (sorry, Georgians), and so the talk is going on as planned.

Last month, I posted the January book, quote and “concept” (Be Yourself) and you can read that here.  For the sake of continuity, I’m going to  post the February books, concept and quote here.  Then as a separate post (I’ll give out the link tonight) list the books for the rest of the year.  Each month, I’ll have a dedicated post on that theme.

I’d love your feedback here as well, especially those who told me they couldn’t attend.  Thanks to Marie and the rest of the First Saturday team for inviting me!

February: Pursue Happiness

Just a few of the happiness books I like:

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
Here’s the five-year sentence-a-day journal.
Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness

Quirky side note about Lyubomirsky’s book: I own the hardback of this, and on the front is a cherry pie.  The paperback version appears to show a lemon meringue pie. Meaning? I know not what, but I find it interesting.

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Rilla of Ingleside

Quote (from Rilla of Ingleside)

“Now we won’t be sober any more. We’ll look beyond the years—to the time when the war will be over and Jem and Jerry and I will come marching home and we’ll all be happy again.”

“We won’t be—happy—in the same way,” said Rilla.

“No, not in the same way. Nobody whom this war has touched will ever be happy again in quite the same way. But it will be a better happiness, I think, little sister—a happiness we’ve earned. We were very happy before the war, weren’t we? With a home like Ingleside, and a father and mother like ours we couldn’t help being happy. But that happiness was a gift from life and love; it wasn’t really ours—life could take it back at any time. It can never take away the happiness we win for ourselves in the way of duty.”

How do you intend to pursue happiness (and therefore holiness) this month? 

Scripture take-away:  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God.” –Matthew 5:3