December Book Giveaway # 2: The Father Brown Reader II–More Stories from Chesterton

Our second December giveaway here at the Catholic Post Book Group is a copy of  The Father Brown Reader II:  More Stories from Chesterton, by Nancy Carpentier Brown.  You can read my interview with Nancy here, and enter the giveaway to receive this book here or on that Q&A Post by Monday, December 13 (I have fixed the confusing language in the last one).  On Tuesday I will pick a winner.  Let me clarify that you can enter all the giveaways this month, so you can also enter to win a copy of Newman 101 at the first book giveaway post, until this Friday.  Good luck!

14 thoughts on “December Book Giveaway # 2: The Father Brown Reader II–More Stories from Chesterton”

  1. Do we enter the giveaway just by commenting? If so, please enter me in 🙂 If not, let me know how to as I seem to be slightly dense this morning and not figuring it out! This series sounds absolutely intriguing! I love Chesterton and would love something to excite the younger ones to his work as well.

  2. Thank you for the interview with Nancy. The series sounds like one my son would enjoy reading and one that can passed down through all of my children. I would love to win this book for our family and am inspired to purchase the first book.

  3. We have a winner! Connie’s Daughter is the winner of this great little book. Connie, you will need to be in contact with me since there is not an email button on your profile or blog. Thanks again everyone and don’t forget there is still the giveaway for the “Looking for the King.”

  4. I’ve had no success reaching our giveaway winner, so I’m putting out one more notice to reach me by this Friday, January 7. “Connie’s Daughter,” you are our winner, but if I don’t hear from you I’ll need to re-do the giveaway so I can send this great book out! I’m also working out the wrinkles in future giveaways so this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your patience everyone.

  5. Whew! Fortunately, our winner of the Father Brown Reader II, Connie’s Daughter (who had taken off time from blogs for Christmas) contacted me and so this giveaway is officially over. Thanks everyone for participating!

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