December Book Giveaway # 1: Newman 101

A number of publishers have graciously given copies of their books for giveaways this month on the blog.

So all this month, as we discuss good books for gifts, the Catholic Post Book Group will be running some book giveaways!

Blog giveaways are a great way to “be lucky.”  The odds are much better than most contests and giveaways, and there’s no cost involved.  I’m surprised at the few things that I have won through blog giveaways–books, mostly (surprise!) though all sorts of things are given away on blogs and websites.   I highly encourage you to enter yourself and let others know about the giveaways.

To enter each giveaway, you should comment on the post before the deadline.   Deadline for this giveaway is this Friday, December 10.   On Saturday, I’ll draw a winner.

Our first giveaway is a copy of Newman 101: An Introduction to the Life and Philosophy of John Cardinal Newman by Father Roderick Strange.  This book was the September selection for the Catholic Post Book Group,  and the book itself is, indeed a great introduction to the newly canonized British writer.  Thanks to Ave Maria Press for providing the book for this giveaway.

Good luck!

12 thoughts on “December Book Giveaway # 1: Newman 101”

  1. I have to admit that I haven’t yet purchased this one, but it is on my list and one I intend to read, so hopefully, this will encourage me to read it! I have so enjoyed reading about all the books, and especially liked reading the Loser Letters. I can at least vicariously enjoy the books, even if I don’t get to them myself, by reading your wonderful posts. Thank you Nancy!

  2. We have a winner! A visiting friend picked one of the comments out of a bowl, and Amy (sorry, not Amy T., there were two Amys here) won. Thanks for participating all! Monday is the last day to enter the next giveaway, and we’ll pick that winner Tuesday. More giveaways in the works!

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