Dear Moms, Will You Go to a Movie with Me?

True confession: I’m not the greatest at self-care.

Like many moms, I tend to take care of everyone else around me before me. The needs/wants/crises of kids, dogs, husband and house can seem so vital, and it’s easy to let those take over the majority of our days.

As I’ve gotten older, and my kids have gotten older, I have gotten better at self-care, but mostly in a solo way. I run, and I make the time to read a lot of books, and I make sure to get my daily quota of chocolate (especially now that Lent is over).

But I’m not very good at self-care of the “getting together with friends” variety.

As I get older, I realize how important that kind of self-care is: being intentional about fostering friendships that nourish us.

Earlier this month, I got the chance to see a screening of “Moms Night Out,” a movie coming out in a few weeks.


I get invitations to a fair amount of movie screenings, usually family friendly ones, often by faith-based filmmakers. I wrote about “October Baby” here , and I loved that one (coincidentally— or not—“Moms Night Out” is made by the same filmmakers: the Erwin Brothers.) But I haven’t written about very many others.

Sometimes the movie, even if it’s pretty good, doesn’t seem like a good fit for a review here, or I run out of time. Sometimes it wasn’t a good fit for me—I tend not to like violence in films, or too slow-moving films. Sometimes the movie is good but not great, or it’s not very good at all.

“Moms Night Out” is a good, good movie. It’s a super-fun, going out with your friends, laugh-out-loud movie.

It’s not just a fun “faith-based movie”, or a fun “clean movie” It’s a fun movie, period.

If I haven’t convinced you already, I loved “Moms Night Out” so much that I’m not only going to see it again when it comes out on May 9 (Mother’s Day weekend, natch), but I’m organizing a group of moms to go see it.

This movie made me laugh out loud, smile a lot, and even tear up a few times.

(review portions removed until May 2, when I’m allowed to post specifics about the movie. Check back then!)

Some questions for you:

Are you good at self-care or not? What kind are you best at?

What do you plan for Mother’s Day for yourself and your family?

Will you go to Moms Night Out with me?

Here is the trailer, in case you’re not convinced:

6 thoughts on “Dear Moms, Will You Go to a Movie with Me?”

  1. Nancy, I love your posts. You are so kind and fun.

    1) No, I am not so great at it. Before kids, I heard about mom guilt and not taking care of ourselves, and I thought: I won’t be like that. Uh…. 🙂 I have been good postpartum at finding (even buying, gasp!) more lighthearted books. I took your February warning seriously.

    2) Mother’s Day – I don’t plan. Maybe I should speak up more. Maybe I’ll plan an outing with my mom and daughter. Forced march… hahaha!

    3) Sure!

    Anne 🙂

    1. Anne, I wasn’t always good about saying what I want for Mother’s Day. I expected my family to read my mind, and then felt bad when they didn’t. Now I speak up, and remind them they have to be nice about it! It works beautifully.

      I can’t recall, did you read “Dear Mr. Knightley”? That was lighted-hearted and fun. I think you’ve read Daddy Long-Legs (and if you haven’t, do so–free on Kindle). I also love to see what you’re reading on GoodReads.

      1. Yeah, I like GoodReads, too. I’ve read Daddy Long-Legs…had to google it to be sure….had it assigned in an adolescent literature class.

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