Advent Book Giveaway #3: Olivia’s Gift

Third book in the Advent Book Giveaway is Olivia’s Gift by Nancy Carabio Belanger.  Olivia’s Gift was one of the highlights of my December 2010 Christmas gift books column in the Catholic Post.

This book is a great read for girls especially in the 5th to 8th grade range.  As I wrote previously:  “Olivia’s Gift follows Olivia in her summer before 7th grade, navigating friends, family and trying (and not always succeeding) to live out St. Therese’s “Little Way.”  There’s a very powerful, but sensitively handled, pro-life theme here. The book is a sequel to the wonderful Olivia and the Little Way, that chronicles Olivia’s fifth grade year and her ups & downs.  The books can be read independently of each other, but most girls will want to read both once they’ve read one.”

I’m embarrassed to say that Nancy sent me a copy of the novel last year for a giveaway, and I had all planned to give away a copy of the book back then.  But if I remember correctly, a bout of the flu took me out for quite a bit of that season, and I couldn’t manage all I had intended for the blog.   Month after month I kept thinking I would manage a giveaway of Olivia’s Gift sometime during the year, but it didn’t happen until now.  But truly, it would be a great Christmas gift for a young girl in your life.

Here are the rules for this giveaway and all the books in the giveaway.  You must comment on the blog post or posts giving away the book.  So, if you are interested in Olivia’s Gift, leave a comment here on this post.

In addition, if you are the winner, I will let you know via comment if I do not have an e-mail or a way to reach you.  If you do not respond in two days, I’ll pull another name.  That’s it!  Couldn’t be easier.

If you are not a winner in this giveaway, I notice that Harvey House publishing, publisher of Olivia’s Gift, has a free shipping offer for books ordered before December 16, so do take advantage of that special offer.

Deadline for this giveaway is Sunday, December 4, at 7 p.m. Central Time.

9 thoughts on “Advent Book Giveaway #3: Olivia’s Gift”

  1. Ooooh! With 5 daughters, this would be great! Thanks for pointing out books for us Nancy that we might not otherwise know about! Happy Advent!

  2. My avid reader would love something new for her book shelf 🙂 She will be 11 this week, boy time flies! Amy T.

  3. I have four goddaughters, and would love to give this to one who actually dressed as St. Therese for her school’s All Saints Day celebration. Thanks for the chance!

  4. Amy Thaller, you are our winner! I promise your 11yo will enjoy this book, and you will want Olivia and the Little Way next (or maybe first, because it comes first). Everyone else, there is a new giveaway on the blog today, going on until this Thursday, December 8. Thanks everyone for entering.

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